Best Budget Small Printers For Office Use: 2020

These Best Budget Small Printers can save space in your home office. We’ve also listed some portable printers for using around the home, all for the best prices.

Owning one of the best small commercial printers will prove itself invaluable, especially at time when more people are working from home.

If you’re currently working from home you might find that you need a Best Budget Small Printers now is a great time to get one for yourself.

It doesn’t need to cost much and it certainly doesn’t need to take up much room. So if your dining table is doubling as your home office, then these are office Best Budget Small Printers.

Best Budget Small Printers For Office & Home

1] HP ENVY 6055 Wireless All In One Printer

In this image HP ENVY 6055 Wireless All In One Printer - Best Budget Small Printers For Office Use - Thetechnotips
1] HP ENVY 6055 Wireless All In One Printer

It is a Best Budget Small Printers with great all around, perfect for offices. There are lots of reasons to love the HP – ENVY 6055. For one, despite its compact size, this wifi-enabled printer prints in color and black-and-white, scans, copies, and faxes, too. Other pluses: the sleek look and value price point. 

  • What Can It Do?
    As we mentioned, this printer can scan, copy, and fax, so it’s suitable commercial printer for a small business. Besides its basic functions, the WiFi enabled HP – ENVY 6055 also connects to Apple AirPrint, Bluetooth. 
  • Size
    The smallest printer on our list and at 17″ long, you cannot traveling with this printer, but if you’re looking for a compact printer for your office then this is best for you.

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2] Canon Pixma TR150

In this image Canon Pixma TR150 - Best Budget Small Printers For Office Use - Thetechnotips
2] Canon Pixma TR150

Best Budget Small Printers for travel: a very smart printer, great for taking on work travels. This printer from Canon is perfect for small businesses, especially if your business involves travel or visiting clients and you need to print on the go. 

  • What Can It Do? 
    It is a best printer with small size and decent 4800 DPI, you can print very easily from phones or tablets so long as it is hooked up to Wi-Fi. Apple Air Print and Google Cloud Print compatibility also makes it super easy to print on the go.
  • Compact Size
    At just 12″ long by 2″ tall, this commercial printer will easily fit into a backpack or carry on for travel.
  • Long Battery Life
    You can purchase a rechargeable battery, so you can print out your pictures even when you’re travelling between destinations. All you need is WiFi.

3] Epson WorkForce WF100

In this image Epson WorkForce WF100 - Best Budget Small Printers For Office Use - Thetechnotips
3] Epson WorkForce WF-100

It is a Best Budget Printers for office printer So long as you have no need to scan or copy documents, the Epson Workforce is the ideal printer for working from home or on the go. 

  • What Can It Do?
    Whether it’s a last-minute boarding pass print out from the airport lounge or you find your client’s premises has no printer, the trusty Epson Workforce is small enough to be kept by your side for instant use.
  • Wireless
    you can print wireless on WiFi connection, and you can even charge the battery up via the USB car adapter in time for your next meeting. 
  •  Quality
    The high DPI promises great quality office printer copier scanner  outs, while LCD screen allows for easy set up and keeping an eye on ink levels.

4] HP Sprocket

In this image HP Sprocket - Best Budget Small Printers For Office Use - Thetechnotips
4] HP Sprocket

Best Small Office Printer for a fun little printer that makes a great travel companion While HP Sprocket isn’t geared towards the professional photography market. For taking on day trips or family holidays, on the other hand, it’s perfect.

  • What Can It Do?
    It prints snapshots and stickers using photo paper rather than ink cartridges, which means printing is instant.
  • Customize Able
    HP Sprocket App will customize your photos with emojis. Borders and text, making each print out completely personal and a true representation of the moment the photo was taken.
  • Wireless
    Connect the app to your Facebook account or connect your phone via Bluetooth for easy, on the go print outs.


Here is the best budget office printer these are the suitable for your regular uses because they yield professional grade graphics & quality without breaking a budget.

As well as printing, above models offers the option to scan and copy, meaning it’ll be easier than ever to complete business admin by using these commercial printers.

It’s small to pop in a rucksack if you’re someone who finds themselves regularly requiring an office printer while on-the-go.

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