Best Budget Laptops Value For Money 2020

How are you everyone? Hope you all are fine, today we’ll look at Best Budget Laptops Value For Money in 2020.

Some users want fast laptops, with no regard for other features. Others seek greater durability, regardless of whether they are the fastest of all or not. It all depends on the use that we want to give it, on the policy of updating the computer equipment that each one has.

That is, some may change their computers every year or every two years, so most portable computers endure that.

On the other hand, want stable and highly reliable platforms that allow them to work and fight without them failing or needing repairs in the medium term.

For all those looking for rock-solid equipment with the best Budget Laptops Value price, here we present this guide with everything you should trust and also with a good list of some models in which the Budget Laptops Value for money is more than outstanding.

What Do I Need To Know?

Not only having good hardware is enough to achieve good quality. To do this, we have to look down to the last detail, however small it may seem. I’ve already talked about it a lot in our guide to the most reliable Budget laptops value.

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In order not to be so redundant, I refer you to that article on our blogs so that you can read all the features that you should pay attention to to get a quality laptop.

However, I am going to make some recommendations or considerations that you should keep in mind if you do not want to make a mistake in the purchase,

and that happens by taking care that the brands of each component of our portable equipment are of quality and also knowing certain technical details of each one of which could make the difference between breaking before or after:

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As it is a quality-oriented article, we are not going to focus on performance, but on the quality of the elements. If we look closely at the chips in the microprocessors, AMD is usually much more reliable than Intel’s products. It has always been, historically we have seen AMD units more durable than Intel, since the commitment that home consumer products had chips that passed the STD-MIL standards as intended for military use, AMD has been for ahead in this regard.

That has earned AMD to name some of its units with names that refer to that durability, to that extra quality of its chips, as is the case of Duron (from the Latin Durare on or durable unit) and Sempron.

In addition to durability, with the arrival of the Zen micro-architecture, they have little to envy in terms of performance with the Intel, so the Ryzen would be the perfect choice for what concerns us in this article.


The RAM is also an element that usually fails at times and usually has to be replaced in some cases. However, we can do a lot when opting for a portable computer to make this part last longer.

Brands are synonymous with quality in many cases, but the frequency is also decisive. Keep in mind that the higher the clock frequency a chip works at, the shorter its lifespan will be.

Not all of us are willing to make a sacrifice in performance by choosing a module with a lower frequency to increase reliability, but we can cater to the brands that some equipment assemblers use.

I know that it is not an easy thing, it is quite difficult to find a team that adapts to all the requirements that I am listing, because each manufacturer usually uses one or another component, sometimes they change suppliers and sometimes they do not give information on the brands they use.

But, if you know laptops that mount RAM modules from Corsair, Skill or HyperX brands from Kingston, you are sure to find unmatched performance, reliability and stability features in your equipment.

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We have also commented on this blog that brands are important. In the case of HDDs, if you read us frequently, you will know that HGST, Western Digital, and Toshiba are the brands that have the lowest failure rate.

But you will also know that solid-state hard drives or SSDs have achieved a very good useful life and even tend to fail less than HDDs since they do not have mobile components or motors, and above all because they do not have heads that can impact the disk.

The latter makes them much more resistant to shocks, withstanding drops or impacts of more Gs without breaking than HDDs. In the case of HDDs, the shock required to break them is much less, and if they are in operation, they are even more fragile.

That does not happen in SSDs, which withstand vibrations, shocks much better, and does not usually fail as much. Remember that the best-rated brands for SSD are Samsung, Corsair, etc.


The motherboard or motherboard is one of the main components that we must take care of. But I repeat, it is often difficult to determine the brand or manufacturer of each of the components of a laptop.

Perhaps we can obtain information in user forums that already have the equipment or that show screenshots of programs that identify the hardware of said equipment or in websites specialized in laptop repair.

Normally, each manufacturer usually has a manufacturer, generally Chinese, of motherboards that make the printed circuits to adapt to the dimensions and shape of the equipment of that manufacturer.

What’s more, in many cases, those same boards can go within several teams of different brands, reducing design costs and creating different motherboards.

Only in the case of equipment from brands such as ASUS, MSI, etc., brands are known to be motherboard manufacturers, will we know that motherboards will be manufactured by them.


In the case of screens, something similar happens in the case of motherboards. Each manufacturer usually includes its products in the equipment they assemble. But, not all brands manufacture screens, therefore, all those that do not have to order it from a supplier, that is, a third party. This manufacturer may be of good quality or worse. But if we list the best brands in terms of the quality of the screens we have:

  • LG: It is the manufacturer with the best quality of screens. These types of screens are used in other computers that do not create their screens, such as Apple.
  • Samsung: it is second in contention, with leading technologies and good quality.
  • ASUS: They’re good panels to trust.
  • Dell: They’re legit, too, though not as legit as the top three.
  • Acer: They are cheap and good value for money, but it would be preferable to choose the previous ones.

Keyboard And Touchpad:

The keyboard and touchpad are elements that we use a lot. They should not only be comfortable but should also be of quality. It will depend on whether the keyboard and touchpad deteriorate more or less quickly.

Especially important for gamers, who if they use it intensively and get excited about pressing certain keys during the game, some keys could break or get too hard.

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If we exclusively attend keyboards, the best manufacturers of notebooks for writers or gamers are:

  1. ASUS
  1. Microsoft
  1. Lenovo
  1. Acer
  1. HP

On the other hand, if we attend to the touchpad, the order of the list would be as follows:

  1. Microsoft
  1. Dell
  1. Lenovo
  1. Acer
  1. ASUS
  1. HP

However, remember that for a few bad ones, the front panel that contains the keyboard and touchpad is not the most expensive and complicated to replace. Also, if you don’t want to replace it, you could use an additional keyboard and mouse and it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Finishing Materials:

The finishing material will not only affect the design, but also the cooling and protection of the hardware hidden inside the case. Plastic materials should always be avoided.

Laptops with aluminum or other type of metal alloy finish are the best since they do not deteriorate as much as the polymer materials that end up losing their color from rubbing or with quite unsightly stains of use.

Also, plastics do not dissipate heat well. Instead, metals make the entire case a great heat sink, keeping the temperature lower. Remember that keeping the hardware at a lower temperature will make the life of the elements longer, as well as their performance, will be a little better.

Best Budget Laptop Brands:

If the studies on the reliability of the different brands are analyzed, we have that in analyzed periods of 2 years of life, the failure rate of the brands is:

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Here is the list of Best Budget Laptops Value For Money 2020

  • Samsung: 16% of units will fail sometime in 2 years.
  • Acer: 18% would fail in 2 years.
  • HP and ASUS: In both cases, there are failure rates in 20% of the units.
  • Lenovo: Next in reliability, with 21% of units that could fail during those 2 years.
  • Dell: 22% will fail in those years of warranty.
  • Toshiba: The problems amount to 24% of units.
  • Microsoft: 25% of units have problems in the first 2 years.
  • Others: not specified, being less popular brands.


If we analyze all the previous sections, we can deduce that ASUS would be a brand that meets quite well in most of the requirements.

If you want to fine-tune a little more, If we have an ASUS that equips an AMD microprocessor, and an SSD hard drive, much better.

However, in order not to make it a single-brand competition, we are going to list some other specific models that are good value for money.

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